Vaddio Ceiling Speakers

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Vaddio Ceiling Speakers are sold and packaged in pairs and optimized for easy installation and accurate voice reproduction. Ideal for conference rooms and classrooms.

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Key Features:
– 4 inch, 2-way speaker optimized for vocal clarity
– 8 ohm nominal impedance
– Ceiling or wall mountable
– Magnetic speaker grille and removable phoenix-style plug
– Included ceiling tile brace
– 88dB SPL 1W/1M nominal sensitivity

This Package Includes:
– 2 qty. Vaddio Ceiling-Mounted Speaker with detachable grille
– 2 qty. Euro-style 4-pin audio connector
– 2 qty. Lightweight aluminum ceiling tile brace
– 2 qty. 28 in. (71 cm) stainless steel safety cable with steel carabiner clips
– Installation Guide