VDS-1x HDMI UHD 18Gbps Downscaler

Video distribution deployments with mixed resolution displays can be challenging. For example, an installation with a legacy 1080p TV in one room and a fantastic new 4K HDR TV in another room, and they both need to access the same ultra-high definition content. In cases like this, the simple solution is the VDS-1x HDMI downscaler.

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Key Features 

-4K UHD > 1080p Downscaler
-Perfect for mixed resolution deployment
-No latency or tearing for the best possible picture
-Discreet design, ideal for placing behind TV
-Easy setup for plug and play installation
-Seamlessly downscales 4K UHD signals to 1080p
-Designed for installations featuring mixed resolution TVs
-Simple set up using HDMI inputs and outputs
-Rotating dial switch for selecting downscale mode
-Perfect for use with RTI matrix systems
-Discreet design, only 0.7in (18mm) high, perfect for placing or mounting behind the TV
-Optional optical port for using S/PDIF audio output
-Status LED indicator