VIP-UHD-CTRL Video over IP Control Module

The RTI Video over IP (VIP) distribution platform enables distribution of 4K video over a 1GB network switch to virtually unlimited endpoints. The result is an exceptionally flexible and scalable system that be installed in minutes and controlled natively within the RTI control environment.

The VIP-UHD-CTRL Control Module allows advanced control from any RTI control processor using TCP/IP, RS-232 and IR, and features a web interface module for easy configuration of the system. The Control Module eliminates the need for a deep understanding of complex network infrastructures, yet it is powerful enough to allow independent routing of IR, RS-232, USB / KVM, Audio and Video.

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Key Features 

-Simplified *Integration Designer software with IR, RS-232, or TCP/IP control.
-Wizard-based user interface enables fast and automated configuration of the system. No need to manually assign IP addresses.
-Advanced signal management for independent routing of IR, RS-232, USB / KVM, audio and video.
-2x RJ45 LAN connections to bridge the main network to the Video over IP network, resulting in: – Increased network performance with network traffic separated
*Eliminates the need for a VLAN or advanced network configuration
-PoE powered to keep the rack clean and reduce the need for extra power cords
-Powerful enough to control thousands of end points and multiple videowalls in one system
-Works with top network switches for easy integration.