KLANG:konductor is the most powerful and versatile KLANG processor ever created and heralds a new era of Immersive In-Ear Mixing.
With DiGiCo DMI OPTO card. (NC)


KLANG:konductor 128 input Optocore package (NC)

– 16 immersive In-Ear mixes
– 128 inputs channels
– 3 DMI card expansion slots (e.g. for Optocore, MADI, Dante)
– Arbitrary single channel audio routing (between DMI cards and engine)
– Ultra low processing latency through cutting edge FPGA technology
– Integrated Studio Grade Headphone Amp for Monitoring
– Workflow integration with DiGiCo SD and Q series consoles
– Compatible with KLANG:app, KLANG:kontroller and other KLANG processors
– 7″ touch screen with full KLANG:app control
– KLANG’s root intensity EQs