Professional USB Microphone

Studio Sound at Home

The NT-USB+ harnesses the pristine audio quality of a professional condenser microphone and combines it with the convenience of USB connectivity, making it the perfect solution for recording studio sound at home. It features a studio-grade condenser capsule with a tight cardioid pickup pattern, so your recordings are always rich and focused, and its ultra-low-noise, high-gain Revolution Preamp™ and high-resolution analog-digital conversion deliver incredibly clear sound.

Studio Sound at Home
Versatile and Portable

Versatile and Portable

Like all great studio microphones, the NT-USB+ excels at everything from recording vocals to voice-overs, guitars to podcasts. Whether you're a musician, streamer, podcaster or a professional working from home, the NT-USB+ delivers high-definition audio in any application. It is also plug-and-play compatible with smartphones and tablets, giving you a high-quality recording solution that you can take with you anywhere.

Just Plug in for Professional Audio

Just Plug in for Professional Audio
All-In-One Desktop Studio

All-In-One Desktop Studio

The NT-USB+ comes with everything you need to start recording right away, including a desktop stand for positioning it perfectly and a high-quality pop filter to keep your recordings clean. It also features a zero-latency headphone output with dedicated volume and mix controls so you can monitor your audio loud and clear, free from echo or delay.

RØDE Central

RØDE Central is an easy-to-use desktop and mobile companion app for the NT-USB+ that allows you to unlock its on-board processing, including the compressor, noise gate, high-pass filters and the legendary APHEX® Aural Exciter™ and Big Bottom™. These settings can be saved to the NT-USB+ and will then persist, even after unplugging the microphone. RØDE Central can also be used to update the device firmware. Note: OS Requirements – MacOS 10.14 or later; Windows 10 Version 1803 or later; iOS 14 or later; Android 9.0 or later.

RØDE Central
RØDE Connect

RØDE Connect

RØDE Reporter

RØDE Reporter is a mobile recording app for iOS and Android that features a simple and intuitive interface for capturing broadcast-quality audio. It’s fully compatible with the NT-USB+ and can be used to unlock the microphone’s on-board processing, including the compressor, noise gate, high-pass filters and the legendary APHEX® Aural Exciter™ and Big Bottom™. Just like with RØDE Central you can save these settings to the NT-USB+ so they persist even after the microphone has been unplugged.

RØDE Reporter
NT-USB+ User Guide

NT-USB+ User Guide

Discover all you need to know about your NT-USB+ professional USB microphone here. This comprehensive user guide covers all the steps needed to get recording on your computer, tablet or smartphone.


Acoustic & Electrical Specifications

Acoustic Principle
Pressure gradient
Polar Pattern
Frequency Range
20Hz – 20kHz
Dynamic Range @10% THD
Input SPL @10% THD
3.5 mm headphone connection
USB-C connectivity
Analogue Outputs
3.5mm headphone jack
Computer Connectivity
Power Requirements
5V @ 500mA (USB Bus Power)
Bit Depth
Sample Rate
48 kHz

Mechanical Specifications

Weight (g)
NT USB+: 540g

Total (with all accessories): 730g
Dimensions (mm)
Length: 184

Width: 62

Depth: 50
Compatible Software
RØDE Central

RØDE Connect

RØDE Reporter


Box Contains

1 x NT-USB+
1 x Tripod
Ring Mount
1 x Ring Mount
Pop Filter
1 x Pop Filter
1 x SC29

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