SynAudCon is back!

SynAudCon is back!

24 – 26th August 2015. Mark these dates in your diary. SynAudCon is back! We have invited Patrick and Brenda Brown to train “Principals of Sound System Design” to anyone interested.

Do you find yourself asking these questions?

  • The speech intelligibility is poor. How do I improve it?
  • How does one determine the best loudspeaker type for a given application?
  • How can I know from the drawing board that my system design will work?
  • I need the maximum SPL from my loudspeaker. What size amplifier should I use?
  • How can computer room modeling be used to speed up the design process?

This 3-day seminar will answer these questions and more.

Topics in this event would cover:

1. The Room Impulse Response (RIR)
a. Measuring the RIR
b. Interpreting the RIR

2. Sound Fields in Encloses Spaces
a. The Direct Field
b. The Early-Reflected Field
c. Late Reflections
d. Reverberation
e. Noise

3. Loudspeaker Ratings
a. Sensitivity
b. Power Handling
c. Directivity
d. Power Amplifier Ratings

4. Putting It All Together
a. Designing for Speech Intelligibility
b. Designing for Music Clarity
c. Computer-aided System Design

This event would be held at the Theatre in Srinakharinwirot University, Bangkok. This training will be done in English and Thai. Registration fee is THB 6,000 for attendees and they will be receiving a certificate at the end of the three day event. We have a hotel available for guest travelling from distant places. It is near the Theatre in the University. For more information about this please email to [email protected]  We are less than two months away. Please send an email to [email protected] containing your name, company and number.