The HAL System at FFE


Digital Signal Processing has been around for quite a while now so when Rane tackled the design of their latest offering, the HAL range of DSP, they wanted to introduce some fresh approaches. Dean Standing, Rane’s Director of Sales, visited Bangkok early December and dedicated an afternoon at FFE’s premises to explaining some of the HAL features. About 40 people attended. A mixture of specifiers, SI’s, specialist contractors and production people.

The HAL is a range of DSP’s ranging from 2 in/2 out up to 18 in/out via the HAL. Then there is a HAL 1. A fully expandable base unit allowing up to 512 ins & outs with virtually no latency. Uniquely, HAL has a range of RAD’s (Remote Audio Devices) which allow audio to be carried over CAT 5e cable. This has numerous advantages especially when having to reconfigure requirements. Rane have made channel & remote ID extremely smart but very simple in use. The system automatically modifies firmware versions so no need to spend time checking compatibility and system design short cuts are real time savers. In uses like room combining Rane have some extremely clever features and follow the general principle of making changes easy. Clients never change their mind – right? If you have worked with other DSP’s, you will know how time consuming programming can be. Rane products are always “practical”. For instance, the echo cancelling module can be “shared” to reduce cost. The client might have several conference rooms but only one might require echo cancelling at any given time. Resources can be allocated via the push of a button instead of having to install echo cancelling in each room “just in case”. In larger systems, Rane’s approach will definitely offer cost advantages and the suite of options is fully comprehensive. Of course, audio quality is uncompromising as with all their products.

Next time you need a DSP, check out what HAL has to offer.