LEA Professional for PTT Public Company Limited

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PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited, commonly known as PTT, operates in a variety of industries, divided into affiliates comprising several divisions. They wanted to improve communication systems within the organization under the management of PTT Digital Solutions Co., Ltd, the operation responsible for all IT, communications and AV in the group.
ความเชื่อมโยง ทางธุรกิจ
This network communication system development project was managed by 3 companies, namely: Vasi Systems Co., Ltd. - (Contractor), Panprach Co., Ltd. - (AV & network design) and Fuzion Far East Co., Ltd. (AV product distributor).
The concept was that communication had to be distributed across the country and Dante audio format was required to transmit the audio from headquarters to various branches. The existing network system was not fit for purpose and had to be completely overhauled.
Diagram IP Paging PTT HO 191264 for FINAL 001 Fuzion Far East
Key products deployed for this solution are: LEA Professional Connect 354D, located at PTT’s Vipavadi HQ in the Bangkok area - 20 units positioned in 48 announcement zones deal with delivery. Symetrix Radius NX 12x8 plus in4 and Control Server enhance network functionality and control. In addition to announcements via the Australian Monitor AMS256/ES mix mic stations and prerecorded messages, the system also supports mobile phone announcements using Barix Exstreamer 100. Dante is handled by the Blustream DA44U.
Paging Control
The entire system has been redesigned from the ground up and all existing components have been upgraded accordingly.