KX2 2.8 inch In-Wall Touchpanel Keypad

The KX2 in-wall controller has a clean, sleek design with twelve programmable hard buttons and a 2.8″ color touchscreen. The hard buttons and graphic interface are fully programmable using RTI’s Integration Designer® software for full control of electronics throughout the building. A built-in infrared output port allows direct control or get two-way control when used with an RTI XP series control processor. In addition, the unit’s integrated 10/100Base-T Ethernet port with Power-over-Ethernet (POE) provides the flexibility to accommodate any installation.

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Key Features

-Fully programmable 2.8″ touchscreen display and twelve hard buttons.
-QVGA resolution (240w x 320h) TFT LCD to display custom buttons, text and graphics.
-Integrated 10/100Base-T Ethernet port with Power-over-Ethernet.
-IR output drives up to 1000 feet of wire.
-Proximity sensor automatically wakes the unit up when approached by the user and an ambient light sensor adjusts the brightness.
-Integrated mounting wings for easy installation in retrofit installs.
-Fits in a 4″x4″ square electrical junction box (See installation guide for important information).**
-Ships with stylish, low-profile white bezel – bezels also available in black and light almond.
-Faceplate and buttons are black with a glossy finish.
-Twelve hard buttons may be interchanged and custom laser engraved using Laser Shark.
-Optional modules/processors for voltage sensing, relays and advanced two-way control.
-USB and Ethernet programming.