PodMic USB

Versatile Dynamic Broadcast Microphone

Key Features:

PodMic USB 1 x PodMic USB 1 x SC29 1 x SC29

Swiss Army Mic

The PodMic USB is a super versatile dynamic microphone for capturing rich, broadcast-quality audio in any scenario you can throw at it. Thanks to its dual XLR and USB connectivity, it is just at home in a recording studio connected to an analog mixer as it is plugged straight into your computer, or you can even hook it up to your smartphone for a grab-and-go recording rig. PodMic USB is perfect if you want one flexible microphone that will make your content sound amazing in any context.

Swiss Army Mic
Pro Sound When Creativity Calls

Pro Sound When Creativity Calls

Featuring a high-power neodymium capsule, the PodMic USB delivers warm, highly detailed audio with incredible clarity, making it exceptional in speech applications. It features an internal pop filter for minimizing plosives, an internal shockmount to reduce vibrations, and comes with a studio-quality external pop filter to make sure you can capture crisp, clean audio every time.

All-in-one Recording Solution

All-in-one Recording Solution
Take Your Studio On The Road

Take Your Studio On The Road

Not only can you connect the PodMic USB to your favourite audio interface, mixer, laptop or computer, but it also connects seamlessly with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. This means PodMic USB is the perfect tool for capturing broadcast-grade audio while you’re away from the studio, or just want a more compact setup – it’s a professional and portable recording rig for the road.

Sleek Looks, Built to Last

With its classic broadcast microphone aesthetic and sleek matte black finish, the PodMic USB exudes class, but it is also incredibly rugged and built to last. The PodMic USB is constructed from high-grade components housed in a super durable body, more than capable of surviving the rigours of everyday recording in the home, in the studio and on the road, and comes with an industry-leading five-year warranty.

Sleek Looks, Built to Last

Unlock More Creative Potential with the RØDE App Suite

RØDE Central

Rode Central

RØDE Central is an easy-to-use companion app for your PodMic USB, giving you access to advanced processing, input gain, firmware updates and more.

RØDE Connect

Rode Connect

RØDE Connect is a simple and powerful software solution for podcasting with your PodMic USB, allowing you to connect and record up to four RØDE USB microphones at once.


Rode Unify

UNIFY is the ultimate virtual mixing software for streaming with your PodMic USB, giving you complete flexibility over your audio routing and mixing in one intuitive interface.

RØDE Capture

RODE Capture

RØDE Capture is an intuitive iOS video app with creative features like dual cam mode and in-app access to your RØDE microphone’s settings.

PodMic USB User Guide

PodMic USB User Guide

Discover everything you need to know about using your PodMic USB in this comprehensive user guide, including how to record with both the analog and digital connections, using the advanced DSP and more.

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