Wireless ME vs Wireless GO II vs Wireless GO

Wireless ME vs Wireless GO II vs Wireless GO

The launch of the Wireless ME saw our family of wireless microphone systems expand once again, so you may now be wondering which one is right for you. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the differences between the Wireless GO II and the Wireless ME, the features they have in common, as well as the improvements they both offer over the original Wireless GO.

The Wireless GO and the Birth of a Legacy

The launch of the original Wireless GO created the category of ultra-compact wireless microphone systems, offering crystal-clear audio transmission in a discreet, versatile and lightweight package. It offered a built-in microphone in the transmitter, a 3.5mm input for lavalier and on-camera microphones, and it established the pocket-sized, clip-and-go form factor that both of its successors (and many imitators) have inherited, allowing the units to be quickly attached to clothing or slotted into a camera’s cold shoe.

The Wireless GO II and Wireless ME represent the current generation of our wireless range, with both incorporating the innovative features of the iconic original while expanding on them with next-generation performance.

Wireless GO II and Wireless ME Shared Features

Wireless GO II and Wireless ME Shared Features
  • Ultra-lightweight form factor with in-built microphones and integrated clip system
  • State-of-the-art Series IV 2.4GHz digital transmission
  • Dual-channel operation for capturing two separate sound sources
  • 3.5mm analog output for connecting to cameras and other audio devices
  • Digital USB-C output for connecting to computers, phones and tablets
  • 7 hour battery life
  • Designed and made in RØDE's precision facilities in Sydney, Australia

The Wireless GO II and the Wireless ME share many of the same improvements over the original Wireless GO. For one, they both offer our state-of-the-art Series IV 2.4GHz digital transmission with 128-bit encryption, which boasts best-in-class range and extremely stable operation, particularly in dense RF (Radio Frequency) environments, such as urban areas, universities, convention centres and offices.

They also both feature the ability to record two audio channels at once, separating them into left and right channels in order to be edited and mixed in post-production. This means you can use a single Wireless ME or Wireless GO II receiver to capture audio from two entirely different subjects – ideal for capturing interviews, for instance.

Both the Wireless ME and Wireless GO II have integrated rechargeable batteries with up to 7 hours of battery life, analog 3.5mm outputs for cameras, digital USB-C connections for both charging and passing digital audio to smartphones and computers, and they’re both designed and made in RØDE’s precision manufacturing facilities in Sydney, Australia.

Now, let’s take a look at the unique features they each offer.

Wireless GO II Unique Features

Wireless GO II Unique Features
  • On-board recording
  • Safety channel
  • Built-in display and on-board controls
  • Fine gain control (3-step pad, expandable to 10 step)
  • 200m range

The Wireless GO II is the perfect solution for professional filmmakers, content creators and presenters thanks to its particular set of unique features. It’s available as a kit with two transmitters, or as a single transmitter set.

Firstly, the Wireless GO II transmitters feature on-board recording, with over 40 hours of storage available on each transmitter. This means that, even if the device you’re recording to clips, the signal drops out briefly, it runs out of battery, or there are any other issues, you’ll still have a safe backup you can use to recover your audio.

Similarly, Wireless GO II also offers the option for a safety channel, allowing you to simultaneously record your audio and a copy of it at 20dB below the current setting, in case your primary audio clips and distorts. Both of these features can be massively helpful in critical recording situations such as weddings and one-off events where capturing clear audio is crucial.

The Wireless GO II receiver has a built-in display, showing you critical information about your setup and recording at a glance, such as gain level indicators, mute status, and battery life of your units. The receiver also features two control buttons to give you quick access to controlling the Wireless GO II’s features.

Finally, the Wireless GO II offers more flexibility in terms of gain control. You can toggle between adjusting the input gain with coarse or fine settings, so you can quickly choose low, medium, or high gain, or select a specific level (from -30dB to 0dB in 3dB increments). The Wireless GO II also has presets for most popular cameras models, so you can choose the perfect gain setting to match the camera you’re pairing it with.

Wireless ME Unique Features

Wireless ME Unique Features
  • Simple interface – super easy to use
  • GainAssist intelligent automatic gain control
  • ME Mic (built-in mic on receiver) for recording from behind the camera
  • Ability to record three microphones simultaneously

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